Simplifies the management and control of engineering document deliverables exchanged between customer, contractors and suppliers.

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Validation CAD files


Meridian360 Portal is designed to leverage the power of BlueCielo Meridian in combination with the cloud to improve collaboration and reduce costs. Its key capabilities include:

  • • Secure access to shared project portal in the cloud
  • • Formal and informal sharing of documents
  • • Automatic validation of CAD file references
  • • Hybrid cloud – integration with Meridian
  • • Full audit log of all actions


Meridian360 Portal provides significant benefits for global owner operators and engineering contractors that need secure cloud-based collaboration and document exchange with an extended project team.

  • • Mitigate the risk of contractual disputes and project delays
  • • Reduce administrative costs and improve productivity
  • • Accelerate and improve compliance checking

Document Controller